I got my start with art when I was very young and while my Grandma taught ceramics and I was allowed to do it with her, it was in second grade that I truly thought I might have some skill in it. We were drawing insects and bugs for our science lesson. We were to label the different parts after we finished drawing and colouring it. I was doing a grasshopper and my teacher complimented just how realistic it looked. I was one of the only ones to get this compliment. For my work I enjoy working in different mediums, i.e I like to work multi media in one piece. I also enjoy doing this by mixing traditional art mediums with the digital. I prefer a more illustrative style to my art and design.


Please DM me on instagram or linked in if you have any inquiries regarding my work, and possible partnerships. My phone number will not be given out, and we can instead set up zoom or discord calls for contact.